Natural Swimming Pools

A natural pool or natural pond is a system consisting of swimming area and a planted area which acts as filtration and natural cleanser.

Today, there are over 20,000 Natural swimming ponds in Europe, 100 of which are public pools in Germany.

Design and construction:

Maclennan use our Polyprufe liner system designed for the natural pool or natural pond industry.

Maclennan lining system is by far the most suitable due to being strong , almost indestructible, seamless, very quick to install over concrete or filter fleece directly on earth or over failed rubber, plastic or GRP liners. The linings flexibility and strength has been tested down to -78° F, and up to 140° F.

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Our lining systems have a proven record that speaks for itself. The pond liner systems has been specifically designed to bond to porous or abraded materials which are laid into the shape of the pond. It can be used instead of concrete which can crack, and instead of rubber and plastic liners which puncture, The Polyprufe liner can also be used instead of GRP which can crack and fracture. We supply and install the liner and we can also arrange construction and planting of the pond if required.

Once installed and tested this liner cannot be punctured, it will support large boulders, feature timbers, wildfowl and is unaffected by ultraviolet. Every other lining system is prone to puncture, tearing failed seams and degradation.


The Natural Swimming Pond is divided into two areas:

The swimming area is intended for swimming and resembles a conventional swimming pool or pond. The swimming area should be physically separated from the regeneration area and should reach a depth of 2 m (6 ft 6 in).

The regeneration area and swimming area must be equal in area for sufficient purification. The swimming portion of the pool can look like a conventional swimming pool or a natural pond. The regeneration area can be placed adjacent to the swimming area or in a remote location depending on the space available.

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