Weymouth training tunnel photo

Dorset & Wiltshire Fire Training Tunnel – Waterproofing Project

This was a truly unique project with its own important design considerations to be undertaken.

The training tunnel is a deep pit and tunnel system used for training Wiltshire & Dorsets fire & rescue service in emergency scenarios.

The issue is that it was full of water and could not be used!

Previous attempts to stem the flow had failed so MacLennan were tasked with stopping the water ingress and getting the facility back in use.

We visited the training tunnel in Weymouth, and discussed the project intentions with them. We were able to come up with a suitable spec to fit all of their requirements.

The MacLennan technicians carrying out the work were fully trained and certified in confined space working and NVQ qualified in Waterproofing.

Weymouth training tunnel photo

MacLennan technicians carried out a day of resin injection works to initially stem the flow of water, which allowed us to prepare the surface to receive a specialist coating.

We also allowed for a cementitious coating to the entire interior walls of the structure, with over-banding to the joints. MacLennan re-detailed joins in the concrete then overcoated all the surfaces.

The client asked us to provide an environment without standing water.

MacLennan stopped the water ingress and as a backup installed pumps in a sump, ready to kick in and clear the tunnel.

The sump was cast in place with concrete in the base of the deepest point of the tunnel. The client chose to have a pump control panel with a high-level water alarm attached as part of their system, ensuring they would be notified in case of any future pump failure of extenuating circumstance.


The Advanced Control Panel chosen offers alternating duty between the duty and standby pumps

This minimizes the risk of seizure to an inactive pump and will give an output reading of the pump hours in use, flow rates and will monitor the performance of the pumps by measuring the load impedance.

wilts and dorset fire service badge

The project was completed on time and within the agreed costs, with the facility quickly returned back to use.

Photo of Charlotte, our Sales & Marketing executive

(Re)Introducing Charlotte!

She’s coming back to join us at MacLennan as our Sales & Marketing Executive due to an expanding team!

“Hi, I’m Charlotte! I am excited to be back working for MacLennan, I look forward to my future career here!”

Photo of Charlotte, our Sales & Marketing executive

Deck hunting season is open!

The MacLennan staff are starting to emerge from the basements, blinking in the sunlight and preparing to work on decks. Winter work on basement decks is at best difficult and at worst, carried out incorrectly in poor conditions.

Sprayed and hand applied liquid Waterproof systems should never be applied on damp decks. They should never be applied when the ambient temperature is not at least 3 degrees above the dew point, even if the sun is out. We rely on bond to resist outgassing.

This applies to most forms of waterproofing on decks and around basements. Even the sheet membranes normally have a primer which relies on the dry warm conditions for installation.

Planning a basement.

If you are planning a basement you should be sequencing the work so as the critical deck and external waterproofing is carried out in the spring, summer and early Autumn.

If the work has to be carried out in the winter then you have to cost in Winter primers, tenting, frost blankets, installing and removing covers, drying of surfaces and downtime when work just cannot happen unless fully tented and heated.

All of this preparation is very rarely considered even when set out in supporting information and data sheets supplied by contractors and manufacturers.

This is all critical.

If you allow or worse force the work to happen in inappropriate weather and environmental conditions you will have failures.You cannot apply waterproofing the day after rain, you need at least a good days drying after the water has been cleared off of the deck.


CPD Event Day

On-site CPD Event Day

On Tuesday 31st of October, we invited 30 local members of the construction industry to our head office in Salisbury to take part in a free CPD event day.

Architects and Surveyors were amongst those that joined us for two seminars by our Managing Director, Ian MacLennan, for an unrivalled look into Waterproofing whilst gaining accreditation for their CPD.

Arriving at 9:30am, our attendees were offered a hot breakfast and a chance to relax whilst introducing themselves to each other in our company bar.

As MacLennan are experts in their field; the first seminar was an in depth look in Waterproofing Design & Installation. Our key focus points in this presentation were the different types of waterproofing options available and the design considerations along with a look into failed systems, waterproofing myths and how to save money whilst avoiding pitfalls.

After the first presentation was complete, a buffet of our favourite items from local bakers, Reeves, was prepared for our guests. The October sun provided the perfect setting, allowing our guests to explore the grounds where they could meet our resident farm animals including the Donkeys and Alpacas.

We held a raffle and gave away various prizes to our guests to thank them for coming before settling into our second session of the day, 'Building Preservation'. This session not only covers different types of damp in buildings and how to investigate them, but also remedial waterproofing options that are guaranteed to conserve and are beyond beneficial to learn.

After the final presentation was complete, our guests were able to wind down in the bar and enjoy complimentary drinks whilst further getting to know their fellow attendees and the MacLennan team.

Our guests feedback

"I really enjoyed it thank you. It was well presented and left me feeling confident that we could take on a project including waterproofing as I now have someone to got to for that aspect."

"Relaxed and very informative."

"Thoroughly enjoyed the presentations, Ian came across as knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate about the work MacLennan do and I learnt a great deal. Having been to similar seminars in the past I particularly liked the blend of photographs, videos and props which helped to keep everyone engaged in the content being delivered."

"It was a very good day with a relaxed atmosphere. The company were friendly and polite. Great bar too!"

"Excellent, very informative."

"Well organised and a good day."

Register for our next free CPD event today!

It was our pleasure to host this event and we can't wait to welcome more guests on site to share our knowledge. If you'd like to come along to our next event, please leave your email address in the form below or email enquiries@maclennanuk.com!

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