Polythermal is a spray applied insulation foam that is a high performance, seamless, polyurethane based, closed cell insulation.

Polythermal insulation foam emanates no toxic gasses, no inhalable fibre’s are emitted (Fibreglass), NO VOC, making our product Environmentally Safe. The technology for this produce was developed in the mid seventies.

Polythermal being a closed cell foam, when cured, forms a rigid weatherproof insulation, which can achieve a complete vapour barrier that prohibits the growth of mould and mildew.

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When Polythermal insulation is installed at rafter level the loft void stays warmer and prevents condensation build up, a problem which can otherwise occur when increasing loft insulation. Spraying the rigid foam behind the rafters and in between the roof laths minimizes cold bridging. By using this method the roof space will be drier and the warmer air will drastically reduce the risk of pipes and roof tanks from the risk of freezing during cold spells, you will also have the added benefit of reducing extreme heat in the loft space during high temperatures during summer months. Due to the advancements in insulation technology properties over 30yrs old would benefit greatly from upgrading to the Polythermal insulation system, and could lead to as much as 80% heat loss, please contact us should you require more information.

Polythermal can be spray applied directly onto solid masonry / concrete walls, and light steel framework without the need for traditional adhesion promoters or mechanical fixings. It can be used in many different situations, as roof, wall and floor insulation or to repair and renovate. Polythermal coating systems conforms to BS 5242 & BS 7021 and we can supply specially formulated Polythermal spray foam that has fire retarding and waterproofing properties.

Maclennan technicians are all fully trained, and supported by one of the worlds largest manufactures (BAA), in all aspects of Polythermal application.

Maclennan sprayers have been working with spray applied products on some of the countries prestigious sites and buildings, including Wembley Stadium, Wembley Olympic Park Media Centre, the historic Guards Museum in central London.

Key Points

No Joins or Gaps
The spray applied Polythermal will have no gaps or joins. So no draughts.
Bills Reduced
Heat loss could be reduced by up to 80%.
Insulation Performance
Maximum amount of insulation performance at minimum thickness.
The finished system has very low thermal conductivity not achieved by conventional insulation materials. Possible to insulate shapes and components in awkward areas and details.
Spray application ensures even the most difficult and inaccessible detail is fully insulated
Polythermal adheres to the substrate and does not need fixings
Building Life
Polythermal supports and strengthens studwork, roof timbers and dry linings which extends the life of the building.
Rapid Insulation
If site conditions allow the site teams can rapidly install Polythermal even to the most difficult areas
Trained Tradesmen
Polythermal applicators are trained by the manufacturers and draw on many years site experience.
Increases Comfort
With reduction of draughts , U values , condensation and mould the whole property is more comfortable.
Delivered in 200ltr drums the material is easy to store on site and transport.
Vapour Drive = 25%
Movement of moisture from areas of high absolute humidity to low absolute humidity.
Closed cell foam is the only insulation that can achieve a complete vapour barrier.
In other insulation types, moisture collection degrades insulation properties and can contribute to mould and mildew growth.
Improves thermal conditions within the home.
Structural Stability
Closed cell foam increases the strength of wall lining systems.
Substantially increases the wind load capability.
No settling or sagging in the wall cavity with foam insulation. increases the stability of the structure forever.
You may be able to use reduced stud sizes and fixings.
Prohibits the growth of mould.
There is no out gassing from closed cell foam products.
No inhalable fibre’s are emitted (Fiberglass)
Controls indoor air quality.
Foam homes can have as much as 50% smaller AC unit (less costly, more efficient)
80% of all energy goes into heating/cooling buildings.

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