Structural Repairs & Solutions

We're able to carry out structural repairs using helical systems for cracks, failed lintels, bowing walls and also timber repairs. From underpinning to a simple bower bean installation, MacLennan can cater to most modes of building failure across construction types.

Helical repairs and strengthening schemes are covered by our insurance backed guarantees which cover both design and installation.

MacLennan are experts in many forms of structural repair. Using specialist techniques and products, MacLennan provide a concealed solution to all your masonry problems and avoid the need to take down and rebuild.

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MacLennan have been experts in designing, installing and guaranteeing systems for over 30 years.

helical remedial ties

Helical Systems

MacLennan have been trained installers of the helical system since 1995. The helical system can be used in a variety of ways and in many circumstances.

It can be used as crack-stitch to reconnect masonry that has failed due to thermal movement or shrinkage. Helical systems can also be used to repair a failed lintel using a masonry beam to support the masonry and distribute the structural loads away from the opening without the need to take down and rebuilt, often savings thousands of pounds and major disruption.

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Environmental Policy

MacLennan strive to source our materials from the most sustainable sources possible and participate in pioneering recycling schemes.

As a company that designs, supplies and installs waterproofing, our supply chain is shorter than most and we consciously select the best products for resilience.

subsidence crack on building


When a property suffers from foundational movement due to trees, drains, seasonal earth movement, mining areas or even bomb damage settlement, our structural engineers can complete a site survey and propose a specification and quotation to get the property's superstructure and substructure repaired.

The signs to look out for are stepped/vertical cracking that is larger at the top than the bottom that suggests that some of the property is moving or sinking. If you are unsure or would like to discuss your project requirements further, please contact the MacLennan team.

Why should I work with MacLennan?


We Design, supply and install. There's no split responsibility with MacLennan.


MacLennan live and breathe waterproofing, have a look at one of our free CPD seminars and find out!


MacLennan has the most comprehensive guarantees and insurances in the industry.

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