Timber Repairs

Our fully qualified carpenters use helical ties and resin to carry out repairs to timber frames and beams where traditional repairs are not possible. All repairs are approved by English Heritage and conservationists.

MacLennan carries out all forms of timber repairs. In many situations, the timber resin system is the only method that can save decayed timbers or upgrade structural timbers.

We offer a full design and installation service, and calculations can be provided for your engineer where required. All work is carried out by fully qualified carpenters with experience in all aspects of timber repairs and are backed-up with guarantees.


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Timber Resin Splices

Timber repairs come in many forms but TRS (Timber Resin Splices) are a form of timber treaments that can be utilised in multiple ways depending on the accessibility of the repair i.e. side slot, top slot etc.

The repairs are relatively non-destructive and in most situations there is either no alternative, or the alternative would be more costly and destructive. Another common timber treatment used by MacLennan is the bower beam. These metal repair plates come in several sizes to suit the timber being repaired and the amount of timber that has been affected by decay. Again they are less destructive and more cost effective than the alternate in most situations.

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Types of Timber Repair

Beam Strengthening

Beam Strengthening can be used when a load carrying beam is no longer up to the loads that are required of it. A slot is formed along the entire length of the beam then reinforcing bars are packed in position, before resin is poured.


Timber Resin Splice

Timber Resin Splices are used when a timber joist or beam end has become decayed and can no longer carry the load required. They are simple to install by our experienced technicians and are less destructive than the alternative which is a full replacement. The decayed timber is propped then the decayed end is then removed, slots are then formed and the timber splice is then positioned. The area is then sealed and resin is either poured or injected into the slots.


Timber Resin Engineering

This can be used to strengthen timber beams, replace decayed timber ends and join any timbers where traditional joinery or steel work is not possible. A common installation is the up grade of beams that have to be retained but need to support a greater load than they are able to.

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