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Below are some curated technical guides by MacLennan.

maclennan engineer sealing around external waterproofing service ducts

When you just have to punch a hole in your basement.

David Keffen CSSW As an active member of the Maclennan design team, I see numerous waterproofing challenges in the course of a week. We have an […]

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Design meeting at MacLennan headquarters

Waterproofing, Better by Design.

Ian Scoggins CSSW I have worked in the construction industry for 28 years and have been specialist waterproofing surveyor for 12 years, my time as […]

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maclennan team working

Winter Deck Waterproofing

We are in the middle of a season where main contractors and clients are insisting on deck waterproofing. You should not be waterproofing a deck […]

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Large New Build Basement

Basement Design & Build tips – External Waterproofing

  External Waterproofing Some basement build & external waterproofing tips we think you should know. External waterproofing is a barrier installed under and around a […]

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Yew Tree Basement Waterproofing

Ian MacLennan on NHBC Chapter 5.4

NHBC Guidance and good practice case study. The following is based on an excerpt from issue 16 of the NHBC Technical extra booklet, available here.  […]

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Photo of a guarantee

When is a waterproofing guarantee not a guarantee?

Most waterproofing guarantees are issued by either a manufacturer / supplier or a contractor referring to a manufacturers guarantee, or an insurance backed guarantee.For the […]

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