Sump & Pump Systems

When having a waterproofing scheme installed by MacLennan, we would usually utilise a cavity drain membrane systemwhich in turn would rely upon a sump and pump system to maintain drainage. The sump and pump system is the heart of the cavity drain system and ensures that all water is removed quickly and your property remains dry.




Top of the range options

At MacLennan we only use top of the range systems with a number of options being provided to ensure every system is tailored to the project and budget of the client, we can also provide full servicing at regular intervals and offer off-site monitoring and fault diagnostics with some of the options we provide.


Technical backup

MacLennan provide full design and technical back up for our clients.
Architects are provided with drawings, data sheets and all of the options for back up systems and foul water removal where required. Site staff are provided with a full installation manual to help them carry out the work prior to our attendance on site.

Powerful additions

MacLennan also offer a range of additional extras with our battery and generator backup systems, including alarms and control panels with customised functionality suited to the requirements of the project.



MacLennan stay up to together with the most recent developments in the waterproofing industry regarding sumps and pumps through regular training days with all installation technicians.

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