Timber Repairs

Maclennan repair department carry out all forms of timber repairs. Our fully qualified carpenters use Rotafix and Property Repair Systems resins to carry out repairs to timber frames and beams where traditional repairs are not possible. All the repairs are approved by English Heritage and conservationists.

In many situations the timber resin system is the only method that can save decayed timbers or upgrade structural timbers.

Timber Repairs:

Maclennan Structural Solutions use a variety of repair methods when repairing timber depending on the function of the timber and accessibility.

Timber Resin Splices:

Timber Resin Splices are used when a timber joist or beam end has become decayed and can no longer carry the load required. They are simple to install by our experienced technicians and are less destructive than the alternative which is a full replacement. The decayed timber is propped then the decayed end is then removed, slots are then formed and the timber splice is then positioned. The area is then sealed and resin is either poured or injected into the slots.

Beam Strengthening:

Beam Strengthening can be used when a load carrying beam is no longer up to the loads that are required of it. A slot is formed along the entire length of the beam then reinforcing bars are packed in position, before resin is poured.

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