Why Basements Fail

Why Basements Fail

Most failures are due to bad design and installation by non-specialist contractors The minimum requirement for a waterproofing specialist is

  • Design, supply and install all waterproofing systems. No split responsibility.
  • Take full responsibility for waterproofing Basement walls, floor and roof.
  • Accept design liability and have Professional Indemnity insurance (unlike any manufacturer).
  • Give insurance backed guarantees of up to 20 years.
  • Provide an insurance backed products guarantee for consequential damages. (Not to be confused with guarantee protection insurance )
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant standards.
  • Comply with all relevant health and safety requirements.
  • Do not use sub-contractors for specialist work, only their own fully trained staff.
  • Must be able to provide references for numerous similar projects.
  • Be able to accommodate project time constraints.

Unfortunately local authority building inspectors only ask for BBA certification for materials and systems. This does not provide any guarantee that the work will be carried out correctly or give any protection to the client.

Waterproofing is wholly reliant on expert design by the waterproofing contractor and installation by very experienced technicians. Waterproofing is so often carried out by ground workers and builders taking advice from a manufacturers sales personnel, and this is the main reason for failure.

The waterproofing should be designed , from the very start of the process by the waterproofing expert. The waterproofing expert should oversee the installation and guarantee all aspects of the work.

This can only be done by a contractor with a lot of experience in every form of basement construction. MacLennan Designers are among the very few with the necessary experience.

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