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Why servicing is critical in waterproofing?

Inspection ports for servicing repairing

Servicing pumps and waterproofing channels


Servicing pumps and channel is a huge benefit over every other waterproofing system. Where other systems just fail and flood, the serviced system pre-empts any issues so that they can be resolved before causing problems. With all other systems, the connection with the designer and installer of the waterproofing system is lost straight after the contract. With a serviced system you have experts on tap and your waterproofing is reviewed every year.

For the first few years, servicing the channel is critical. Pumps will alarm before flooding occurs. Channels will not. The channels are the arteries of the system. They must be clear and clean, so they need an inspection. Servicing Repairability and serviceability are the main theme of the revised BS8102:2022 Standard.

servicing inspection ports
maclennan basement waterproofer

Type C cavity drain waterproofing systems are the only systems that can be easily repaired and serviced, but only if they are correctly designed and regularly serviced. The updates in Paragraph 10 of the BS8102 focus on serviceability. They emphasize that the waterproofing designer responsible for the design must ensure that it complies with all requirements for drainage serviceability and maintenance. There are more specific details on pumping systems and their discharge options, as well as the importance of system maintenance, repair, commissioning, and future servicing. This is “To maximize the long-term integrity and effectiveness of a waterproofing system.”

Also “Access points that allow routine maintenance of channels and outlets should be incorporated into the design of the waterproofing system. These should be located such that they are accessible for maintenance.” We would like to add that access points should accommodate the use of cameras for service checks. Many do not. The maintenance schedule requirement should be seen as a benefit. It is the only system that is accessible for inspection every year and in the event of an issue with a well-designed and maintained system. Any potential issues will be seen or signaled with an alarm before damage occurs. Issues are normally easily resolved.

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